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Product Recommendations & Discounts

These recommendation links may be affiliate links- meaning that I would receive commission from any purchases made at no cost to you. Thank you for your support!

Benable List

This is a running list of my favorite things- primary beauty and skincare products! I'll try to update this list as much as possible!

Grüns Daily

I recently received Grüns Daily Holistic Nutrition Gummies as a PR gift from the brand. :)  In my opinion, they're delicious! But please keep in mind that I'm a person who enjoys drinking pressed juices with a combo of fruits and vegetables and some people aren't into that sort of thing- so delicious is subjective, of course!


They're kindly offering up to 45% off to my TikTok community members!

Craft Coffee

I absolutely love this coffee subscription! The beans are freshly roasted and you can pick options based on what name brand beans you usually favor. This coffee is delicious, freshly roasted, and offered at an amazing price because it's generic, not name brand! And if you order 4 bags at once, you get wholesale prices! My favorite blends for making espresso in a Bialetti Moka Pot are Daydream and A Day in the Life and my favorite blend for making drip coffee is Throwback.

15% off discount code: rwk-9de

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