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Tiffany Yuen
Voice: Soprano with Belt



A Chorus Line                                         Connie Wong             Jenny Wiley Theatre                               Dir. Jill Godfrey

Lend Me A Tenor                                   Anna #3                       Palace Theater in the Dells                  Dir. Mark Mahallak


Cats                                                           Rumpleteazer           Wohlfahrt Haus                                        Dir. Samantha Barrett

Mamma Mia                                           Ali                                  Palace Theatre in the Dells                  Dir. Mark Mahallak

Wedding Italiano                                   Taylor Fresco             Palace Theater in the Dells                  Dir. Joseph Tomaska

Annie                                                        Boylan Sister/Mrs. Pugh    Ocean City Theatre Company              Dir. Shannon Agnew


South Pacific                                           Liat                              Jenny Wiley Theatre                                Dir. Galloway Stevens

A Christmas Carol                                 Mrs. Fezziwig            Wohlfahrt Haus                                        Dir. George Bailey


Diary of A Worm, A Spider,                 Butterfly                    Omaha Theater Company                     Dir. Rob Urbinati

and A Fly


Claudia Vs. The Trashinator               Claudia                        Climb Theatre                                          Dir. Buffy Sedlachek


Miss Nelson Is Missing                         Cheryl                          Jenny Wiley Theatre                              Dir. Mark Smith


The King & I                                             Topsy                           Arizona Broadway Theatre                  Dir. Andy Meyers


The Wizard of Oz                                    Nikko                           Jenny Wiley Theatre                              Dir. Dana Maddox


The Golden Oldies                                 Ensemble                    Wohlfahrt Haus                                      Dir. Michael Stanek


Peter Pan                                                 Slightly                         Palace Theatre in the Dells                 Dir. Steve Calzaretta


Give Our Regards to Broadway         Ensemble                    Wohlfahrt Haus                                       Dir. Jill Godfrey











The Adventures of Platypus               Lead                             NYU Short Film                                       Dir. Dominique Guerra                                                       



Believe Campaign                                 Tinsel                            Macy's Parade and Entertainment   Manager Nolan Hines

Macy's Santa National Tour                                                      Group       


Multimania                                            Voiceover                      Reserved For Rondee                            Dir. Trevor Vaughn                            


Special Skills

Formal       BA Musical Theatre- University of Redlands

Voice          Susan Eichhorn Young 

Acting        Christopher Beach- University of Redlands

                    Ryan Tofil- Matthew Corozine Studio, Theatre (Meisner Technique)

                    Sharone Halevy- Actors Launchpad

Dance        Dana Moore, Diane Laurenson (Theatre Dance)

                    Ashley Tuttle, Eve Walstrum, Patricia Dokoudovsky (Ballet)

                    Drew Humphrey (Tap)

Improv      Michael Sean Cirelli- Actors Launchpad

                    Molly Thomas- Upright Citizens Brigade





Double cartwheels

Juggling (3 Balls)

Piano (beginning-intermediate level)


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