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Freebie and Extreme Discount Hunting!

Freebie hunting is one of my favorite activities! Check this page often- I'll update as much as I can! ;)

I'll list them on this page in multiple categories:

1. Companies That Gift You Products- free products in exchange for social interactions on their platforms. (commenting, posting, reviewing, etc.)

2. Ultimate Freebies- no shipping charges and no need to purchase and then wait for a rebate

3. Rebate Freebies- freebies, but you have to purchase and then wait for a rebate. You may be required to review the items in an honest way to get these freebies.

4. Freebies with a Nominal Shipping Charge

5. Extreme Discounts

Ultimate Freebies-

Atlas Coffee Club-

Free First Bag of Coffee! :)

Not sure how long this will last, so I would do it soon! I got this about a month ago and the coffee was single origin, fresh, and perfect! This is a subscription, so you'll have to remember to cancel. Pro-tip- set your second shipment date way into this future! This way you'll have ample time to cancel.

PopSugar Dabble-

Free beauty product samples- shipping directly to you, with no shipping charges!

SoPost Facebook freebies- You'll find these samples by scrolling through your Facebook feed. I've primarily been offered free beauty and snack samples. When you see them, click on them right away as they may never show up again. The more you click on ads offering you freebies, the more they'll show up!

Rebate Freebies-

PPOC Club-

Sign up for this if you're in need of supplements! They always have really high quality dietary supplements- it's amazing! You get free, full sized products to test and keep! Additionally, you earn points for market research tasks (that you need to do anyway in order to qualify for free products) that can be exchanged for money via PayPal! *This is only worth it if you have Amazon Prime (so you can get free shipping).


I've gotten a lot of amazing, free products here including a Kalimba, yoga pants, a tripod for my iPhone, and gel arch supports for my feet! Remember to check in daily so you get more points to "spend" to get free items later! *This is only worth it if you have Amazon Prime (so you can get free shipping).

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